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What is CMFN?

clubneko has now been in virtual existence for eleven years continuously (though the living history of the site begins wherever the WordPress import of the old Blogger content began). the music has been made for at least 6 years now. the design and redesign of the website has been constant and continuous over this period of time. a hand-crafted html flat file collection of bitching and rants was here as a blog before there was a word for such things. I don’t exactly know why I thought having my own website would be the best thing since sliced cheese, I just knew it would be. And for some reason, it is.

The 11th year anniversary was in March. The next binary anniversary will be 100, and hopefully we’ll all still be here reading this.

current wordpress theme is based on blankSlate. There is a new blankSlate out for WordPress 3 that I should be having a go at fairly soon.

am attempting to re-implement commentary with Disqus system, but it appears I just ripped out the comment code in the theme rather than disabling the comment system. The return of comments will probably coincide with launch of the blankSlate 3.0-based CN theme.

I study microscopy. Examples can be found on my flickr.